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We have a unique
blend of Ballroom Dance experience and talent that allows us to offer such a diverse services to the New York City Area. We are way lower than the competition because we love NYC and want to give back!

The Sharing Stars Ballroom Dance Company focuses on the International Style of ballroom dance. Our philosophy and motivation is to inspire, discover and capture the best in you through the gift of dance. We offer dance programs for all skill levels and ages (private, formation dancing, youth, adult, group, wedding, travel and school lessons). Here is a little information about me, Heather Bushman, Owner of Sharing Stars Ballroom Dance Co. I performed for the first time in ballroom Dance at 6 years old and have never looked back.I have been honored to study with extremely talented coaches and dance with many great teams and partners. In my teens, I was awarded Ten Dance US National Champion. The celebration of movement and the love of music has fueled my fiery passion for dance and competition, which only grows with years. We do special events  to benefit charities and schools. I also do dress and costume design, choreography, music and event planning. No experienced or partner required. Email or call to Schedule Today!

note: consultation fees may apply. Ask for details.